Portfolio Post 3


Medium: A4 visual diary using HB and 4B pencils for shading and defining. Derwent Artist pencils in Deen Vermillon (muscle and blood zone), and Golden Brown (skeleton). Artist Color pencil # 3 ruzicasta (pale pink) used for skin tone

The homework brief was to show off the interconnections of the bone and muscle of the human body. Getting the proportions of the human body played a big part in these drawings, and matching up each bone and muscle to its designated place. One thing that pops with these drawings is the colour. Instead of shading the parts I wanted to show off, I used colour instead. Brown was used to match the bone, pink to match the skin and red to represent muscle and blood zones. The picture in the top right is a perfect example. I used repetitive curved lines to represent striation of the muscle tendons in the chest, ribs, neck and abdominal region and solid colours to represent the mechanical part of bones and skin. This type of work is something I would like to develop further, not only because it gives me a greater understanding of the human body, but it also helps in getting the human proportions for life drawings, quick sketches and 3D modelling perfected and realistic.



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