Portfolio Post 1

cockatoo island


Medium used: HB pencil in an A4 visual diary.

The first of three drawings chosen was drawn on the first day of the TAFE semester for a field trip to Cockatoo Island. The objective was to draw an object or architectural structural with as much detail as possible. Right by the water in between other buildings, was a run-down factory building that I chose. Using a ruler I attempted to get the proportions and flow of the building and to define the sharp edges and lines of the building’s windowsills, pipes, gutters and rooftops. There was too much dependence on having the safety of the ruler for ‘straight’ walls, which doesn’t age or authenticity to the building. The drawing sells itself short with no toning to give perception and a sense of depth.

If I were given the chance to do it again I would like to include a backdrop of the water, the buildings on each side and more of the nature surrounding it. Nonetheless, I look back at this drawing and see a ‘newbie’ trying, and realising how far I have come in such a small amount of time. Hopefully, I’ll get to return to Cockatoo Island and have another crack at it.



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