Basic Animation Physics


In this assessment the idea was to animate a character to the best of our abilities , based on the tasks handed to us. I decided to create a scenario where the character starts off running and eventually jumps over a gap, then lands and turns to look at the gap he has jumped. I then took this idea to Maya and created my scene, this gave me a good idea of what i had  in mind , and made me visualize what my character would be doing within the scene. Research was needed for my scene, below are some video references that i found , as well as sketches of my own and artists showing off the step by step nature of the scene.





I then began the animation process by blocking my characters movements through the whole animation. Then creating its ups and downs , as well as its anticipations.Midway through this process though i ran into a timing issue. The animation went through a couple different iterations , due to lack of time and frame numbers. so i settled for and idea that i thought was fitting. But I didn’t have the necessary amount of frames needed to complete the project after the character makes the jump. So the idea was to add on a extra 50 Frames of my character landing , turning around and looking at the gap that he had just jumped. In the end i was happy that i did this, cause it gave a little more personality to the character and the scene.


All in all this assessment was a  little difficult to perfect, but given the time we had , Im happy with my efforts and look forward to future animation projects.


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